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Megan Walker, RN, BSN, CCP

I was born and raised in Lewiston, Idaho.  In 1996, I attended Washington State University for a degree in Molecular Biology, followed by Lewis Clark State College in 2000 for a degree in Nursing.  In 2002, I moved to Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho and worked as a Cardiac ICU nurse at Kootenai Medical Center.  I relocated back to Lewiston in 2006 and had the opportunity to experience a different side of nursing when I signed on with the Regence group as a Disease Management/Case Management RN.  After leaving Regence in 2012, I had the opportunity to work in several different health care consulting-based roles, including Clinical Systems Analysis, Medicare Compliance, Clinical Program Development, and Management/Director Roles for government program-based payors. In each of these roles, I observed a commonality in the challenges all people, regardless of age, location, race, or financial status, were encountering with accessibility and coverage for mental healthcare services.  In 2019, I partnered with a long-time family friend, Scott Farber, to launch Mental Health Partnership (MHP), a company which seeks to improve mental health care access and services in mid-metro and rural communities across the country.  After experiencing firsthand, the positive impact and progress MHP was making in other regions, I made it my personal goal to make these services available and accessible to the people in my hometown community.  Recovery is possible, and together we can [and will] promote positive change, growth, and improved access to mental health services for all people who suffer from depression and substance use related disorders.