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Depression Treatment

What are Depression and Anxiety?

Depression and anxiety are two of the most common mental health diagnoses in the world. Over 264 million people are affected by depression worldwide and more than 40 million Americans are affected by anxiety disorders. Most people experience difficult situations that lead us to feel sad, lonely, or scared. These feelings are normal reactions to life’s stressors. However, in the case of individuals who are diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder, they can be much more severe.

What Causes Depression?

We work closely with clients to identify the root cause of mood disorders. Multiple stressors can result in depression however, this is a manageable disorder that can be effectively treated with the right interventions. The following are some causes that are often linked to depression.

  • Major life changes such as a death in the family, getting fired, or the end of a relationship
  • Underlying conditions including thyroid and autoimmune diseases
  • Chemical imbalance or genetic predisposition

Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety

  • Decreased energy or ongoing fatigue
  • Difficulty concentrating or making decisions
  • Pain, aches, or cramps without any clear cause
  • Changes in appetite or weight
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Feeling guilty, worthless, or helpless
  • Loss of interest in activities or hobbies
  • Ongoing feelings of sadness, anxiety, or emptiness
  • Feeling hopeless or pessimistic
  • Anger, irritability, or restlessness
  • Thoughts or attempts of suicide

Treatments Available

We offer comprehensive mental health services to help children and adults living with mood disorders. We utilize evidence-based treatment and therapy models informed by the most up-to-date research. Our tailored plans include individual, group, and family therapy, behavioral therapies, psychological evaluations, consultation services, and medication evaluation and management.

Alternative Treatments

For people with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), long-term remission becomes less likely with each prescription medication treatment attempt. As antidepressant medication increases, so can side effects and the potential for treatment failure. We offer two therapies as alternatives or in conjunction with your current plan: TMS therapy and esketamine treatments. 

TMS Therapy for Depression

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) Therapy can help people who struggle with MDD even after taking antidepressant medication. It helps activate the natural function of the brain’s neurotransmitters using a non-invasive magnetic field to stimulate areas of the brain that are underactive in depression. Our caring and supportive team can help decide if TMS therapy is an option for you.

Esketamine Nasal Spray for Depression

Spravato® (esketamine) nasal spray is a proven treatment option for depression. Esketamine nasal spray is generally used in conjunction with your current antidepressant and is self-administered under the supervision of a healthcare professional. As you explore your alternative treatment choices, trust our team at OHM Mental Health to help determine the best plan for you.